Photos – The Very Early Years (Garcia)

Rare, heretofore unseen beauties fom an even-earlier period: The 60’s. Photos are compliments of Peter Garcia.

In Totong, atop a Karitela (from L-R): The fetching Dona Purificacion Bilbao de Garcia, Marty Garica, Paul Garcia, Ann-Marie Garcia, and Peter Garcia.

Mother and two sons on a pristine beach – the lad’s first encounter with paradise.

The winsome Paul Clement, in all his childhood spunkiness…


Brothers Peter and Paul Garcia with their Dad, Don Santiago Garcia silhouetted in the foreground taking the shot… 


One Response to “Photos – The Very Early Years (Garcia)”

  1. Hi Pete, I sent some 20 vintage photos of happy valley to Cheton taken when I was 5 years old which might give you a run for your money of being the oldest picstures taken in Hinoba-an by the Bilbaos. Anyways, your pictures of Totong are precious and priceless.

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