Photos – The Very Early Years (Uy Bico)

Exquisite, hitherto concealed gems of the Uy Bico family in Hinoba-an/Happy Valley – circa 1960’s. This set is compliments of cousin Happy UyBico.

The very first Happy Valley beach house – the first-generation, precursor to the iconic ‘Brick House’ was a nipa-tatched wooden structure, light and breezy in its simplicity. Pictured here is the elder-brother Johnnyboy UyBico teaching his younger siblings (Michael, Happy and Agnes) to ride a motorcycle.  

The same gang, minus the very young Agnes (who couldn’t climb up), add MaryAnn and Frankie atop a vintage 50’s Ford truck. 

Tita Floring (center) spearheading a boungainvilla pot-planting session with the nearly-complete Uy Bico ensemble, as their mommy Pucci looks-on.

The Uy Bico family with a mingling of the Garcia’s (center) – Dona Nena with Ann Marie.

Twins? Nope, but just as close. Sisters Agnes and Happy.

From L to R:  MaryAnn, Michael, Johnnyboy, Happy, and Frankie.

Tita Floring, Tita Pucci and Agnes…

Same gang…

The beauteous Dona Dolores Bilbao de Uy Bico – matriarch of the Uy Bico brood.






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