The Sufficiently Enamored

Hinoba-an’s natural beauty was so beguiling that visitors would return year after year. 

A few, having been sufficiently enamored, opted to build their ‘summer villas’ – quaint, bungalow-styled beach houses (happy memory mills, I’d call ’em), that sheltered them over many a summer or any other time they cared to holiday.

Notable among these ‘Shagri-La’ dwellers were, the Henares and Bustamante families of Bacolod, and the Daland family of Bais, both close family friends of the Beltran and Garcia branches of the Bilbao Clan.

The ‘Paking’ Bilbao beach house – circa 1970s 

The ‘Pucci’ Bilbao de UyBico beach houses – circa 1970s

The Tonito Beltran hacienda house – circa 1970s 

The Ernesto Bilbao Beach House – present day

 The newly renovated Garcia Beach House, “Estrella”.  This prime beachside beauty certainly lives up to it’s namesake as it outshines all others around it.


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