The Punta Ubong Coastal Limestone Cave System

The Punta Ubong Cave System is an extensive limestone formation that forms the tip of the Sitio Ubong headland.

Punta Ubong-PS 3

‘Salvacion Cave’ – photo courtesy of Paulina Garcia Espanola.

Carved-out by the sea over millions of years, the caves are a natural wonder to behold. There are a total of three caves, two of which are linked to each other by a small shaft. A cove measuring about a hundred meters in width seperates the third, smaller cave, from the other two. This smaller cave – Salvacion Cave – sits on the outer rim, its sea-facing opening so large that pump-boats frequently enter and dock within, to the delight of tourists. This cave’s high ceiling (45-50 feet) gives it a catherdral-like, expansive feel; its visible, coral-covered bottom, at about 30 to 35 feet deep, is a spectacular free-dive to those so inclined. 

 Pictured below is a northern view of a Punta Ubong headland (one of several) approaching it from sea.


6767671Here’s an exotic, deserted, crescent-shaped white sand beach on a cove adjacent to ‘Salvacion Cave.’ This was the default picnic-ground and launching point for exploring the caves or scuba diving / snorkling the magnificent reef surrounding the entire area.

Pictured below is the southernmost Ubong headland. Around its bend, about half a mile down, stretching southward for several kilometers is the Hinobaan and Pook (Happy Valley) coastline (2nd below).



A view of Punta Ubong ( the strip of land jutting out to sea in the distance), seen from the beach at Happy Valley. As the usual launching point, it takes 15 minutes to reach the caves by pumpboat.



28 Responses to “The Punta Ubong Coastal Limestone Cave System”

  1. These pictures remind me of the days while I’m at Hinobaan. I’m always proud where I came from. I would love to send this website to my friends if you don’t mind and brag them about how beautiful our place is. Thanks for the posted photos!

  2. Analee:

    As a child and later a teenager, visiting Hinoba-an every summer was the highlight of my year. I recall being saddened when it was time to leave and I’d eagerly look forward to the next summer when we would return.

    Special places, I now realize, have that effect. It’s an irresistible pull that always brings one back, if only in our imaginings.

    You’re quite welcome and please feel free to send this weblog to as many friends. I’m elated that it has been of some delight to you.

    Thank you.

  3. Katahum nga lugar, kadumdum ko sang naligo kami da, kanami sang pamatyag ko ilabi na sang makita ko subong, proud ko kaayo nga tagadira man ko. Te may ara man kamo parehos sena?

  4. Elray:

    Baw, te kanami man nga maka hatag ining blog sang dutay ng kasadyahan, kag sang ‘sense of pride’ sa lugar ta. Damo man lugar abi sa Pinas nga guwapo no, pro’ ti lain gid ya ang aton, di bala?

    Salamat gid Pre’ kay malipayon man ko nga may ga dayaw sang guin plastar ta. Da-an na gani ang laban ng mga pictures, pro bay-i lang kay makapuli gani ta liwat sa hindi madugay, waswasan ta gid pangodak kag i-post para damo ta tulokon.

  5. […] also boasts of big seacaves, visit the url Punta Ubong though you need a pump boat to visit the limestone […]

  6. It’s been a long, long time since I left the place. I had fond memories growing up in Hinoba-an. In my high school days we would go for excursions…and no other place better than Obong. After all these years and places around the globe I have visited, Hinoba-an and Obong are always in my mind.

  7. Bobby:

    It’s an enchanting place that we may have left, but it plain hasn’t left us, and I’ll bet it never will !

  8. I have two memories of Punta Ubong that are forever seared in my consciousness.

    It was during my first visit that I came upon the most gorgeous natural setting I’ve ever seen. While exploring the caves, I went thru a short tunnel and emerged outdoors. In front of me lay this breathtaking, perfectly round, natural pool of crystal-clear water, 15 feet in diameter and 2-3 feet deep. It was set against a lush tropical garden of rare ferns and palm trees surrounded by a limestone wall and lush jungle, completely concealed from the outside world. Simply stunning!

    Earlier that morning I beheld another awesome sight. Approaching Ubong from ‘Totong’ (Hda. San Antonio by Talacagay Bay) on a pumpboat, a fisherman some 10 yards away from us suddenly hoisted onto his bangka this astonishing fish. It was huge, resembling a large Lapu-lapu. What amazed us so was its striking iridescent greenish-blue color and an improbable translucent body! It was a specie I’ve never seen before or since. I’d like to think it was an unknown, new fish specie, perhaps now extinct? Just amazing!

    Punta Ubong is the very embodiment of exotic…

  9. Nice place… Me and my teammates are planning to go to Punta Ubong.

  10. This place is awesome!!!…judging from how these people describe this place it’s a sure destination for our next team building. My agents are so excited about this. We are from FOCUS PACIFIC under team CRN, and we are always hunting for great places to go to…but this UBONG place surely is in the top most exotic, pristine and hands down, the most gorgeous place we’re gonna lay our eyes on…..JULIAN / Team Supervisor.

  11. I have been to ubong several times.. and the place is really beautiful.. full of adventures…

  12. Have a great time at Ubong gentlemen. Do send along pictures I can post…TY

  13. I really love my place because of its naturally beauty….

  14. miss ko na gid ang obong dugay na ko da wala ka puli

  15. Everybody well said about Ubong and the place, well, that is true and it will be much more beautiful if the poeple around and guests leave the place as it is. The first time I went 4 years ago na in love ako sa Ubong daw damgo gid na I got it. Please help us clean our beaches and keep the caves clean. Can’t help them use it as public toilet kay wala man facilities. ATON INI HALUNGAN GID INDI GID PAG GUBAON. THANKS ELEANOR

  16. hinobaan ang lugar nahindi,makalimutan lalo na may arapa ang ilco madamo ako nga lugar napuntahan iba ka hinobaan.miss na miss ko na ang ubong,at st.michael academy

    rg asplico at home oct 10,2010 10:05am |reply

  17. i like this place its so heavenly place i wanna go there

  18. reading the comments above left me so curious and eager to consider visiting this seem to be a pristine place in our next family escapade. I might ask a friend or a family member to visit Punta Ubong first to check and get bits of info such as travel time, schedules, booking info, comfort, food and resort amenities if any, and most of all the safety of the visitors especially to non-filipinos.

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  20. Hi there!! This floods back beautiful memories during my youth in Hinoba-an. Went to St Michael’s Academy and Ubong for excursion. Absolutely stunning.!!! Want to visit this nature’s wonder again. Please keep it prestine and clean without rubbish and stuff!!!! It’s has been the Ilonggo’s best kept secret but maybe not for long?? Thank you.

  21. Saya!
    Sarap dalin ang kabit dito, walang huli!

  22. do u have a contact # of this resort/beach??? how much will be cost and… from hinobaan terminal, how long to reach the resort?? thanks hope u give some info.

  23. Ive been to Happy valley years ago and my family and I had a grand time there!!!

  24. gusto ko pumunta dyan!!! tara next year!!! haha

  25. I’m now in Puerto Princesa but I’m still missing my hometown- Hinoba-an. I won’t really forget the moments I visited and enjoyed the waters and limestones of Ubone cave together with my friends. It was days of adventure and memento. Prepare yourself Ubong. I shall return. 😀

  26. i’m working out our first family trip and into this enchanting place. im looking forward for a memory to be treasured. tani manami lang ang tiempo this coming dec 21

  27. our exploration in ubong was really awesome! wish to go back t

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