The Plunge – by Peter Garcia

When in Happy Valley you pretty much live in your swim wear. Well, this was the case anyway when we were the resident beach bums. May it be the bikini kind or regular trunks with string waistbands. Of course you can wear whatever your want as long as you wear something that is securely fastened to you waist. As it were, the urge to run and plunge into the ocean was a recurring tendency. These actions caused many to loose some dignity after losing ones cover.


One of the things I mastered at the beach in Hinobaan is the Plunge.


The art of the plunge can be very tricky.


The biggest factor of course is the tide. If you have spent enough beach time at Happy Valley you will instinctively develop an internal gauge of the tide, the moon and the stars. The second biggest factor is location, location, location. You must be perfectly aware of your positioning on the beachfront. You have to understand that death by coral reef will render your coffin closed at your funeral. 


Once you have established the course of your run, in relevance to your approach, you should be able to determine the angle and velocity of your water entry.


Let us not forget that one’s state of mind also gets factored in. The consumption of alcohol is not necessarily prohibited in this exercise. It should be taken into account that the level of consumption is included in the formula of the actual action.


The other mental state that is not conducive to a successful dive is exhibitionism. As in “the city folk are watching let me show them how it’s done” or “she is watching, let me impress her”. This can lead to scrapes, abrasions and lacerations on the forehead, the bridge of you nose, chin and chest. I have had such injuries with no permanent scarring just the red Mercurochrome racing stripes all season long. Needless to say, I didn’t get to marry her.


When all of the above gets carefully considered and taken seriously you are ready for the plunge. Go for it!



You are on your own as far as this weblog is concerned. OK?

The always dashing Peter G.

The always dashing Peter 




3 Responses to “The Plunge – by Peter Garcia”

  1. The “Plunge”… hmm, could be taken both ways: plunging into the crystal clear waters of Happy Valley or taking what most males of the human species have ironically nicknamed “The Plunge” as in Tying the Knot. Of course we girls never had the problem of losing our swimsuits especially since we were wont to wearing Speedo Racer one piece suits therefore alleviating the worry of losing one’s pants or in Peter’s case bikini trunks.

  2. As I think about it, the hundreds of plunges I too took (inelegant as most were), in as many years, brings to mind a word I feel best describes its essence: ADVENTURE !

    The plunge was many things: an athletic excercise, a recreational activity, and for those familiar with it, indubitably, the optimal mode of transitioning from terra firma into agua salado. The ‘rush’ experienced in that transition—in the millisecond of hitting the water, and the following brief period of glorious submersion—comprised the zenith of the adventure.

    The Plunge as Adventure is but a metaphor of the larger existential adventure: Hinoba-an herself.

    Brilliant Pete!

  3. Your family looks great but you seem too isolated from from your slaves.

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