Ride on a Vintage J-3 Piper Cab

This anecdote is under construction…


2 Responses to “Ride on a Vintage J-3 Piper Cab”

  1. what ever happened to that plane? That was one of the most reliable trainer that ever was. They don’t make them like that anymore, the closest you can get is the super cab. The Garcias probably sold it already, if not, it would be a nice restoration project to do.

  2. Who owns the Piper Cub? The Llantadas and Menchacas of San Carlos also owned a Piper Cub before. Also two Ercoupes in Hacienda Refugio.

    We are now in contact with a Basque professor from Universidad del Pais Vasco. He recently gave a talk in Ateneo about his research about the Basques in the Philippines. He will be in Negros on October to interview some of the Basque families. And also in Cebu to interview the Aboitiz.

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