6767671A deserted white sand beach adjacent to the Punta Ubong Caves; its exoticness accentuated by the water’s unusual light-green tinge.

 beach2 PS NX

View from Don Alfonso & Dona Josefina Garcia’s beach house porch at Happy Valley.  Nothing but the magnificent Sulu for hundreds of miles until landfall: Borneo (straight ahead), Palawan (slightly to one’s right between 2 to 3 oclock).

A poem in Spanish by the great Filipino poet and statesman Claro M. Recto, extolled the many virtues and delights of living in a paradisaical, rural setting. Here’s a line from his 1920 “Bajo Los Cocoteros” anthology of poems, that so lyrically conveys the sense of well-being that seemingly pervades such special places:

“Bajo el verde palio de los cocoteros, la dicha es morosa, el dolor fugas”

[ Under the green canopy of the coconut trees, happiness lingers, while sorrow is fleeting ]

Is this not, in fact, the essence of paradise?


A view of the southernmost portion of Happy Valley Beach. Don Joaquin Bilbao’s (former Mayor and dear late Uncle) beach house (aqua-colored roof) seen in the distance.  


 Morning Calm’ beach shot in front of the Johnson Resort

View from an old mountainside road at Maricalum

A 4th generation Bilbao enjoys the clearest sea waters she’s ever seen

Verdant Nabulao Hill dominates Nabulao Bay

Photos – through the lens of Carlo Leonardia

These photographs are those of photographer extraornidaire Mr. Carlo Leonardia of Silay City, Negros. We have not, as yet, obtained permission to post them, so are cognizant of our copyright indiscretion.  Our attempts at contacting Mr. Leonardia have thus far not been successful.  We will continue our efforts in this regard.  Should Mr. Leonardia disallow their use, they will immediately be unpublished.

The pictures speak for themselves.

We commend Mr. Leonardia for capturing in photos Hinoba-an’s sublime beauty that words can scarce express.  

Photos – Happy Valley by Happy UyBico




(From top to bottom):

Windfall Cottage– the Uy Bico’s very own Big Brother House.

View of the Sulu Sea from Happy Valley Resort’s garden courtyard.

Happy Valley’s original Grand Dame – Brick House– the Uy Bico beach house that started it all!



Sunset – courtesy of Paulina Garcia Espanola


8 Responses to “Photos”

  1. Awesome!

  2. Thanks Joey.

    Mr. Leonardia’s photos take top billing certainly. The rest were a walk in the park since the place lended itself so well to photography.

    Can’t wait to visit again for another shoot – it’s been so long!

  3. amazing!!!!!!!!!!breath taking…..more beautiful than Boracay!!!!!

  4. Thank you Joi; glad you like it.

  5. wala akong masabi sa pinakamagandang lugar sa pilipinas kundi ang hinobaan.,.,. thankl you and godbless

    im khelvin Nadong. Solon
    my family country is hinobaan.

  6. Sinabi mo Khel…

  7. i miss my home town Hinoba-an.. im proud to be Hinoban-on

  8. proud to be hinoban-on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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