Photos – The Early Years – III

A few more early beauties – compliments of cousin Dinny Bilbao:


The very young Dinny Bilbao mixing it up with the local fishermen…


Dona Diday Bilbao with son Rocky posing againts the pumpboat ‘Marty’ (belonging to Don Alfonso Garcia and named after his son and honorary skipper, the late Marty Bilbao Garcia).


Don Ernesto Bilbao hoisting up Dinny on a vintage 50’s dual-engine speed boat -the “Santiago” with an Iloilo registry…


Anchors away and off they go boating on the magestic Sulu to destinations unknown…


A young couple in love: Don Ernesto & Dona Diday Bilbao in the most romantic seaside setting…  


Same couple inside Punta Ubong’s ‘Salvacion’ Sea Cave…


Hinobaan power players – the late former Mayor Joaquin Bilbao (right) with his “ClintEastwoodish” law enforcer brother, Sheriff Ernesto Bilbao (left).


A small sampling of the Bilbao clan – too many to mention all but of note: the elder gentleman (2nd – left), visiting cousin from Spain – Jon Ortuzar y Bilbao, flanked by Joy Jimenez and Geb Bilbao.


One Response to “Photos – The Early Years – III”

  1. Thank you Dinny for the info. on pumpboat ‘Marty.’

    It looked vaguely familiar at first glance—what with its distinctive marine blue and red-strip paint that atypically covered even the ‘katig’ (most others do not have the ‘katig’ painted)—then it all came back when you mentioned it. Ah, the memories it evokes of many an excursion to Ubong, and, more poignantly, of its beaming with pride young skipper, who I know is smiling appreciatively from heaven…

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