Photos – The Early Years

Here are a few, extant pictures from the 70’s – Hinobaan’s Golden Age!



Caloy Daland applying Sun Tan lotion, pre-SPF…

Senora Blanca Bilbao Beltran showing off her tan…

Cousins Peter Garcia (L) and Michael Uy Bico (R) – two of best looking young Bilbao men of the day…

The lovely Dini Bilbao, sunbathing…

Luis ‘Bulilit’ Bilbao Beltran. Nobody, but nobody messed with him back then…

Tonito Beltran with young sons – very early in the 70’s… the ‘Brick House’ being the lone casa then!

Rocky Bilbao and Gaby Beltran – the big men on the beach…

John Bonnin (L) and Henry Daland (R) – Happy Valley’s original ‘Bad Boys’

The Uy Bico ‘Brick House’ – the original Grande Dame and ‘Party Central’ for all of Happy Valley…

The skimpy Speedo very much in vogue – damn, nobody wore it better than cousin Peter!

Don Charlie Daland (gentleman in the foreground), Gina Beltran to his right, Senora Blanca Bilbao Beltran and husband Tonito Beltran…

Gentlemen beach boys break-out in an all-out sprint at hearing the dinner bell…

From left: Mayo Unson, JJ Beltran, Chuck Beltran, Paul Garcia, Caloy Daland…

Geb Bilbao – resident sharpshooter and Ayatollah Khomeini assassin…

Tito Tonito, Tita Marlene Daland, Gabby and Tita Blanca

Henry Daland – unquestionably the sexiest of all!

Local life guard and pump-boat operator… forgot his name…

Gina with Madame Irene Zufante

Cousins Gina & Amaya flank the Bostonian Mary Zufante

Mary Zufante thawing-out from the big chill of Boston, MA…


Jose Juan Bilbao Beltran

Beach buddies – Carlos Estanislao Bilbao Beltran & Caloy Daland

The local ‘Beach Boys’…


The beach’s one and only watering hole in th 70s – the Uy Bico Bar. 



9 Responses to “Photos – The Early Years”

  1. wow !! these photos are classics and so are the captions I especially like the original bad boys and the life guard who forgot his name

  2. Thank you Don Luisito.

    What the heck was that guy’s name again…?

  3. Check out the pics I dug up. I have scanned a few. You want to look at “Golden Years” , I found quite a few?

    Let me figure out how you post on this site. If not I’ll email the blog master with them. Meanwhile I posted the few I had on the Yahoo Groups site Check IT out!!

  4. NEED more early years photos. There’r more out there… now who’s got them I don’t know. Please dig them out from storage and post them.

  5. I may have a lead as to their whereabouts, Don Jose. The trail is getting warmer and I susepct it won’t be long now before we happen on that missing chest of early photos… wish me luck!

  6. I might have some more stored away somewhere. I just need to find them. I do have some pictures of our Grandparents I will email to you, Ton. The Patriach and Matriach of the Bilbao clan so to speak. I sent you some in PDF, my mistake, I’ll scan into Jpeg. Then you can post them.

  7. I know that guy but he is not the lifeguard or boat operator. He is the drunkard that gives us tuba and cons us into giving our money to him so he could buy Tanduay. Great pics primo.

  8. Geb, did that Borrachón really extort dinero from you guys? Why I oughta…
    I never did trust that son of a gun. You wouldn’t happen to know his whereabouts these days?

    Nice hearing from you again after so long dear cousin.

    How’s Boracay (a rhetorical question really, I mean how bad could waking up each morning in a tropical paradise island and getting in, all before lunch, nine holes of golf at the premier resort you manage, possibly be?) ? 🙂

    Thanks for your many comments; enjoyed them all especially you’re setting the record straight on the ‘Bird Hunting Blues’ anecdote.

  9. I had to wear sun glasses a lot that time, as I was suffering a constant bout of red eyes, however JJ and Paul had the bout of the squinty eyes themselves.

    On that other photo, I suggest a good title for that is: You wont get a smile out of me!

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