Photos – The Early Years – II

Here are a few more 70’s-era photos that have fortuitously surfaced…

A rare photo of the pretty Pat Daland (center), flanked by her equally lovely mother, Dona Marlyn (left), and everyone’s ‘Favorite Martian,’ the one and only Toto “Patokulo” Rodriguez…

Party time at the beach (wasn’t every night a party?)… a few Bilbao clan members – including a husband and wife tandem (pictured below) who would, decades hence, each go on to become Mayors of Hinobaan – and friends having cocktails.


Former Hinoba-an Mayor, the late Franciso “Paking” Bilbao with wife and current Mayor, the Honorable Tessie Locsin de Bilbao (photo courtesy of Peter Garcia).

There goes them Basques congregating again…!

Blanca and Irene on the verge of shaking hands establishing an export-import business…

A town hall meeting. The late cousin Marty Bilbao Garcia (center, towering atop everyone) needing to be lifted on another Bilbao’s shoulders so as to be able to actively participate in the discussions.

The ever-cheery, and an avid philatelist, Don Charlie Daland (gentleman seated at the center) is seen here spurring his niece Gina Beltran (seated next to him) to get the little boy (kid on her lap)  to smile for the camera. 

The handsome couple on the right are Mr. & Mrs. Tonet Corro.


(From left to right – starting with the seated gentleman): Tonito Beltran, (behind standing): Paking Bilbao and wife Tessie Locsin de Bibao, Mark Bilbao, Joaquin Bilbao ( then the incumbent Mayor), Sonnie Seneres de Bilbao, Purita Bilbao de Garcia, Jon Ortuzar y Bilbao, Rita Bustamante de Bilbao, Ernesto Bilbao (photo courtesy of Peter Garcia).

The lovely Joy Garica de Jimenez with her very young daughter Tricia (3rd from left), her mother Tita Nena Garcia (3rd from right) and Tita Pucci (far right). (Photo courtesy of Peter Garcia)

Tonito Beltran (center red shirt) – arguably the most companionable amongts a highly convivial clan.

His home in Capitolville, Bacolod City held the reputation of serving the best food (in copious amounts) – breakfast, lunch and dinner, day-in-day-out, on an open-invitation-to dine-anytime basis to family and friends. All one needed to do was to drop-by! (photo courtesy of Peter Garcia).

The ‘pulutans’ (hors dourves) served-up at frequent cocktail-socials were equally remarkable. 


4 Responses to “Photos – The Early Years – II”

  1. The Corro in one of the pictures above is Tonet Corro, not Mike, with his wife Marisal.

  2. Thanks for the correction Mike; the caption revised. My apologies – an inadvertent slip. Of course it is Tonet, not you; I’m surprised nobody else caught it. I was a year behind you at St. Clements, and Tonet worked with my Dad in the days of Hda. Esperanza. Hope you are well and best regards.

  3. Hello, Mr. Bilbao,

    I stumbled upon this blog following a link you provided on an online forum about Iloilo’s history. Your stories made me chuckle, and your writing style had me anticipating the conclusions with excitement! It is a very beautiful chronicle and tribute to the glory days, and you truly capture the Visayas’ beauty, which is sadly becoming less and less cared for. Thank you for illuminating the past for me.

    If it is not an inconvenience to you, I was wondering if you would mind illuminating a little more of Iloilo’s past for me, especially that of hacienda life–my mother is an Ilonggan, but I was born and grew up in the United States. I am a college student, and my interest in my heritage was renewed with a trip to Iloilo and Manila this past winter.

    My mother comes from an hacendera family, but our members are many, scattered (always traveling!), or deceased, and so I have had trouble putting together what hacienda and Iloilo life was like. The furthest back I can trace my family line is to Lopez/Lopez-Vito. I found beautiful old photographs of Ms. Lopez in mestiza dress, but very few descriptions. I would love to know more about my family and the hacendera lifestyle if you know anything about us.

    Thank you for your time. I am looking forward to future blog posts!



  4. Hi KJF,

    Thanks for your compliments. I’m glad to have provided a small window to the past, and that the annecdotes’ humor elicited a chuckle or two.

    I would be pleased to accede to your request for a historical perpective on Iloilo and your lineage, but, alas, am a generation or two removed from being capable. [My era of expertise, as it were, is the 70’s—hardly noteworthy] . My parents, and more so grandparents, on the other hand, could’ve regaled you with tales of Iloilo’s rich heritage and glorious past as they were part of it. And, as it is of the Lopez’s, the narrative would’ve been of one of the country’s grandest and most august families.

    There is a very interesting blog that provides an exceptional glimpse of that bygone era and of the Lopez dynasty. Check it out and thumb thru the archives on the 1900s, Ilonggos, Lopez.

    Here is the blog:

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