Photos – Mar 08-Luis-Set A

Photos are compliments of Luis Bilbao Beltran: 

Luis Bilbao Beltran with sons Anthony and Kevin (and newly adopted daughters!), Tita Pucci, and Happy.

Luis ‘Bulilit’ with (new) girlfriend Victoria


Happy Valley Coastline…

‘Sublime Violence’ – a typical, Hinobaan fiery sunset.

 Beach at Rush Hour…

 Tito Jimmy & Tita Miren Bilbao’s house at South Bend – a happy place where cousin Cachita read hundreds of Mills & Boon love-story books!

Ye Ole Copra Processing Center… not really, it’s a restaurant – reputedly a fine one – in Totong.

Yellow Beach House

Totong ‘Mina’ Hill – speculated to have a copper deposit vien…


6 Responses to “Photos – Mar 08-Luis-Set A”

  1. The yellow house is tito ernesto the next house is the house of tito jimmy in south bend that is not copra processing house that is high class resturant outside totong its like a steak and lobster house and yes that girl is my new girlfriend the two little girls are my adopted kids

  2. Lit:

    Thanks for the clarification. T. Ernesto’s abode I half-suspected but T. Jimmy’s (in other words Tita Miren’s) house, I wouldn’t have quessed in a million. I’ve been to that house back in 2002; it’s beautiful inside – almost like a museo of sorts. I had complimented Tita Miren on the fine job she’s done.

    I was being facetious regarding the Copra House. Nostalgia for some of the more rustic icons of the old days getting the better of me. Be sure to take me to lunch there when I’m in town.

    Congratulations on your two adopted daughters, and, on that new girlfriend of yours.

  3. Haha that copra house is a resto own by Manolet Lamata. The food is good, the beer is cold and the women are hot. It has a videoke machine, so we sing “My Way” while cooking the copra.

  4. Geb:

    Good food, cold beer, and hot women ??? You must take me there sometime cousin !!! 🙂

  5. Your Tita Miren’s house is so familiar to me because I had my elementary years in Bilbao-Watkin’s E.S. 1995-2000. She also had a mini grocery store during the latter years of my elem. years. I can still remember how my classmates and me would buy candies there just to look at her Spanish beauty.hehe..we were so amused then why she looked so different than ordinary pinoys.

  6. The house is familiar to me from the outside, though.hehe

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