Photos – March 08 by Happy

Photos are compliments of Happy Bilbao Uy Bico:


Bilbao cousins Happy UyBico (right) and Licie Bilbao (left) enjoy the resort’s infinity-edged pool at sunset.


Family and friends, beachside at the Mayor’s…

Dona Dolores Bilbao Uy Bico’s (front right) 79th Birthday, con familia y amigas (Mayor Tessie Bilbao on the far left).

from right – Cachita Bilbao Carlota, Tita Pucci, Nene and Gen…

La Dona Miren Echave de Bilbao con su cunada Dolores Bilbao de Uy Bico


Happy Valley Resort manager showing off her catch – a tuna (19 lbs.) she had reeled-in, less than a mile out from shore…


Same reel, an hour later, a beauty of a 10 pounder ‘Puti-an’ (White Fish) – one of the best tasting denizens of the Sulu deep. In days past, one was accostumed to treats of just-caught ‘Puti-an,’ salted and grilled over live coals, paired with the standard Visayan accompanying relish known as ‘Sinamak’ (spiced coconut-wine vinegar). It is our contention that only the Strawberry Grouper (‘Lapu-Lapu’ fish) is comparable (but only a distant second) to the taste of this prized specie.


 Local beauties… or NorCal girls (Christy Harder and friend Chris)… what are they doing so far from home?


 A typical Happy Valley beach bonfire—not exactly your normal, run-of-the-mill type—this sucker is (as they’ve always been) nearly 30 feet tall!


2 Responses to “Photos – March 08 by Happy”

  1. It is so nice to see 2 Felicidads in one pool. Hap, I miss you…Licie, the last time I saw you,. you were perhaps 5 years old….okay so I think I miss you more than Happy….ha ha ha …

  2. Hi Pete,

    Miss you too! When are you going back to hinoba-an for a visit? Simon will have a blast here at the beach. I dont get to see you everytime I go to New york to Visit Frankie, Grace and Tommy. Maybe this June as I will be going to the US. kabay pa. Regards to Tita Purita!

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