Photos – Mar 08-Luis-Set B

Photos are compliments of Luis Bilbao Beltran:

Hino Sunset on LSD!


A seclude cove – the uninhabited shack (foreground), had served as a venue for tyrsts of the young in love…


Local Road Scene – “Uling Vendors”


Anthony, half-buried…


Brazaville Resort – the old Beltran beach house. Improved-on and maintained, but absent her rustic charm of yore.


Undisclosed World War II Allied submarine landing site



Kevin, after a night of hard-partying…

Happy and Victoria


Anthony, completed buried by his two sisters!


The old Daland beach house


The old ‘South Bend’ general store. In its day the most vibrant commerical enterprise in the area. Still standing but sadly nothing more than a husk, with nary a trace of her former glory.


3 Responses to “Photos – Mar 08-Luis-Set B”

  1. brazaville is our old beach house beside the daland’s the submarine landing site is punta bulata

  2. Yes, I had known of Brazaville.

    The Punta Bulata World War II Allied Submarine landing site is (or now was) a closely guarded secret! The D.O.D. (Dept. of Defense) was keeping this information, to this day, highly classified!

    Well, you just unwittingly declassified it Lit! hehehe…

    No worries, I’ll make a few calls to the Department in the morning and get them to declassify it officially – don’t want any complications arising from this, if you know what I mean…

  3. hino sunset on LSD was taken on April 12,2008 about 5:48 pm

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