Photos – by Dinny Bilbao

 A typical stretch of Hinoba-an, coconut tree-fringed, golden-sand beach, in all her glorious, exotic isolation.  [ For info. on the beachfront lots for sale, please direct inquiries to: ]


Boracay’s sand is whiter and finer but its crowds and density of resorts would likely make Hinobaan a beach-afficionado’s (at least this one’s) preference. Besides, the sea here is significantly cleaner, more exotic and bio-diverse.  Its crystal-clear emerald-green variating to the deepest blue waters, on par with the best the archipelago has to offer!



Pristine, glorious isolation, but not ala ‘Robinson Crusoe’ – there are a score of comfortable resorts and beach houses unobtrusively situated behind the coconut trees providing all the essential ‘creature comforts’: food, liquor, bed, bath… did I mention food ( particularly the 2 Ls – Lechon & Lobster)

Lose or find yourself – the choice is yours…


A peaceful afternoon under the cocoteros…


“Bajo el verde palio de los cocoteros, la dicha es morosa, el dolor fugaz” 

– [ Under the green canopy of the coconut trees, happiness lingers, while sadness is fleeting ] – A line from Claro M. Recto’s anthology of poems in ‘Bajo Los Cocoteros’ – ( Underneath the Coconut Trees ) – 1921

A typical, spectacular Hinobaan sunset… straight ahead nothing but the Sulu Sea for hundreds of miles until landfall—another, even more paradisaically intense island: PALAWAN. 


Ah, lovely… 

Behind this vantage point, the beach continues for another kilometer or so into the town proper, ending at the mouth of the Hinobaan river. Facing southward, as pictured, the beach bends (farthest visible point) at about 1/2 a kilometer, and continues-on in it’s same pristine condition for an untold distance. 


Nothing but Sand, Sea and Sky… oh, and a nipa-tatched, bamboo constructed, sunset-viewing-while-beer-chugging outpost…


Pathway to… what happened to the horizon?



18 Responses to “Photos – by Dinny Bilbao”

  1. Beautiful pics prima. That 3 hectare property looks like the 4th, 5th and last picture among the group. I was in Hinobaan end of Oct 08 for All Saints Day and saw that property. Its very scenic and if i have the money i would buy that property. By the way I met Caloy Dalan and Tita Marlene after so many years. I also saw Jimmyboy with his daughters and Bulilit. We had cocktails at the beach while the sun was setting (He was the one who told me about this site). I miss those moments when we were young with no worries except what mischief we plan to do next. We had a few beers looking at the sunset with our graying hairs and big tummies, except for bulilit. It was spontaneous with no plans and we 3 cousins just happen to meet at our beach house that afternoon. Suddenly my 2 promos had to go because the kids went swimming and needed to change, and the wives were probably looking for them already. It was a nostalgic event, maybe in the future when things are slow a few of the clan can have a reunion. Who knows with some luck and constant communication it might just happen.

  2. Din, beautiful pics guid and memorable too. I wish we can turn back time, especially the times when we were just lying down on fluffy pillows, beer in hand and watching the sun set…that’s the only TOTAL RALAXATION i can remember that i ever had… maybe, 10 to 20 years from now? or less……

  3. hi,my name is minda i just want to ask more information about the beach resort that you are selling in hinobaan i am interested to buy amall size of the beach front please email me at i would like to know how much is it

  4. hello, i am glynis , and the pictures above of the beach seem to fit my requirements for a retirement place. Want to have a small piece of this paradise. A beachfront of about 500 square meters would be perfect for me and my partner’s need. Just email me at: or contact me through my cp no. 09202911420. Hope to hear from you soonest possible time. thanks.

  5. It is still beautiful like I picture it 25 years ago when my family used to live there. Jaleco Family – Gold Buyers and Restaurant. I think I still have some family there and all my classmates in Bacuyangan Elementary School. I was there from Grade 4 to 6. We had such a great time there before the family when downhill. Where is this place actually? how much would it cost for maybe a 200-300 sqm lot by the beach. Please email me @ Thank you very much for taking me back in time…

  6. The pleasure of the stroll down memory lane is all mine, Golda. Indeed, the Jaleco family name rings a bell. Most of my childhood and adolescent summers were spent, blissfully, just one or two kilometers south of your Bacuyangan school. The family owned a tract of land (known as ‘Totong’, later renamed Hda. San Antonio) just north of the Bacuyangan River and the junction of the National Highway and the ILCO (Insular Lumber Co.) Road. You might recall the old ‘South Bend’ general store right at that junction; it was something of a landmark and it belonged to an Aunt of mine.

    The beach pictured is in Happy Valley – a kilometer south of Hinoba-an town. For information on it kindly e-mail:

  7. I’m from Australia. is there any small beachfront blocks for sale. Can you provide me with some detaild information please. Cost, Water and electricity.

  8. Glenn,
    Kindly e-mail for information.

  9. Hi There, I would love to have more information regarding your “Paradise Island”, that’s how i see it by the way. If you can e-mail me some info and pricing, it would be gratly appreciated, i am a serious buyer looking forward for retirement. email me @ thanks

  10. I am interested to buy a portion of the property — may be 1000 sq. meters. Can we subdivide it? I am a US citizen living in Dallas, Texas. Please e-mail me

  11. Folks (Archimedes, Theresa & Glenn):

    Your interest in the beachside lots for sale is certainly appreciated. However as this blog’s author, I’m not the seller and as such have no information on it.

    As stated in the opening paragraph, the Seller may be contacted directly at this e-mail address:

    I’ve since e-mailed your inquiries to the seller; feel free to follow-up with her.

    Thank you all.

  12. hi there! i’m maila. i’m interested to have a beachfront property, and i love the attached photos! i’m from bacolod, so it would be nice if you could at least willing to sell 2500 square meter of your property… i’ll be visiting this christmas (dec 2010)… it would be a pleasure to visit your property! i’m really hoping we could meet!!! thank you

  13. It’s so beautiful!

  14. hi, I’m Ian, I know that my Bilbao family is from Hinobaan, but I haven’t gone there yet, can you please help me on what resort suites best for a week day vacation.
    I really hope to know hinobaan, and maybe, just maybe the root of the Bilbao family just as well.

  15. This is the place where I was born.

  16. hinobaan is indeed a paRADISE

  17. I have a good friend here in Canada who has property right on the beach with a few guest houses. She says I will always be welcome to live there….looking foward to it. Maybe have a bible camp there? Lechon and beautiful women in Hanoba-an!

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