Photos – 2002 – Golden Wedding Anniversary

Photos – 2002 – The Golden Wedding Anniversary celebration of Don Juanito and Dona Poochie Bilbao de Uy Bico.

Anniversary Cake

The couple’s literal and figurative arrival, half a century later…

Our Jubilants at Mass

Any lingering reservations (theirs or ours) were effectively put to rest by this kiss.

Mayor Francisco ‘Paking’ Bilbao (center with hat) welcomes the guests…

Newly weds (front, center) Frankie and Grace UyBico; future Mayor Tessie Bilbao (standing)…

A motley assortment of Bilbao clan members. This seemingly low-keyed group devoured an entire lechon (one of several at the reception) all by themselves!

In a word – voracious! 

Dr. James Bilbao (far right, orange shirt), is rumored to have spearheaded said gastronomic exploit. 

Dona Miren Echave de Bilbao congratulates Don Juanito UyBico on having effectuated, with “graceful, windblown abandon,” Fifty (50) “turbulent,” yet all exceedingly glorious years!



Dona Blanca Bilbao de Beltran con su hijo Jon Inaki… Que paso con el pelo de este tio?

The Reverend Alex Harder (2nd clockwise) dishes out a sermon on the iniquities of glutony as Michael Bilbao UyBico smiles sardonically… C’mon Reverend, it’s a freakin party… chill!

The effervescent Tita Piya Miranda de La Fontaine, being served a little Dom P. by the ever-suave Frankie Bilbao UyBico…

A few more distinguished ladies of Hinobaan including the lovely Dona Margot Gonzales de Uy Bico (seated third from left) – quite possibly the prettiest amongst all the in-laws!

Garcia, Bilbao, Uy Bico, et al. …

 Don Juanito, Don Paking, Dona Blanca…

Bilbao, Friend, Bilbao, Bilbao, Garcia…

The lovely Dini Bilbao with her “mini-me”…

In a word – stunning! The beautiful Senora Grace Puertollano de Uy Bico… and, need we mention, the color of Jon’s hair?


The debonair, Stanley Bilbao UyBico (far left) and the incurably romantic Keyvan Mohadjer (far right), were both, not too long ago, the most eligible bachelors on the beach!


2 Responses to “Photos – 2002 – Golden Wedding Anniversary”

  1. I thought this was 2002, not 2003.

  2. You are correct, it was 02. I stand corrected; the page revised.
    Many thanks for pointing it out.

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