Photos – 2002 – Golden Wedding Miscellaneous

Clockwise: Tito Juanito UyBico, Rev. Alex Harder, Frankie UyBico, Dr. James Bilbao, John Bonnin, Dini Bilbao, Tito Ernesto Bilbao, Happy UyBico, Al Garcia

Former Hinobaan Mayor, the late Francisco ‘Paking’ Bilbao seen with President Barack Obama.

Clockwise: Geb Bilbao, Mayor Tessie Bilbao, Tita Floring, Tita Pucci, Tita Stella…

Same people…

Clockwise: Dona Christine Harder y UyBico, Dona Blanca Beltran y Bilbao, Dona Margot UyBico y Gonzales

Dr. James expounds on the esoteric tertiary structure of globular molecules as cousin Dini glazes over in utter boredom…

The newly weds…

John Bonnin & Frankie UyBico – the quintessential tall, dark and handsome…


Cousins Christy Harder & Geb Bilbao (the 2nd)…

Clockwise: Mrs. Grace UyBico, Mrs. MaryAnn Mohadjer, Mr. Keyvan Mohadjer, Rev. Alex Harder, Mrs. Joana Bilbao…


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