Photos – The Earliest – La Familia Bilbao

The rarest of the rare!  A 1940’s  photo of a nearly complete Familia Bilbao. 

Don Estanislao and Dona Felicidad with seven of eight of their children (Francisco not in the picture), in Hinoba-an.

Seated clockwise:  Blanca, Ernesto, Dona Felicidad and Don Estanislao

Standing from L to R:   Jimmy, Dolores (Poochie), Joaquin, Josefina (Nena), Purificacion (Purita)

This timeworn beauty providentially surfaced after an exhaustive archival search…our appreciation of it, possible thru the efforts of Miss Happy Bilbao UyBico.


8 Responses to “Photos – The Earliest – La Familia Bilbao”

  1. WOW!

  2. I agree with my cousin. Wow!

  3. This is amazing!!! Who has the rest of the pictures?


  5. Where do you think my dad (Paking) was? Probably looking for an animal to shoot.

  6. That’s why they’re rare as hell folks…

  7. Tito Paking was smart enough to know that flash powder was not very good for the eyes. It also probably took a bar of soap to wash off the residue from their faces. Well at least they are a little more wiser this time, unlike that other photo where they were in their Sunday’s best! Maybe it was Tito Paking who had to spark up the flash powder! Who knows? They themselves can’t seem to remember, after effect of the flash of bright light!

  8. haha. i never knew papa was a mischievous kid!

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