Maps – Physical & Topographic

Shown above is a US Army Corp. of Engineers map that provides physical and topographic details of the entire southern Negros area. (click on the image to enlarge)

The location and extent (size) of various coral reefs are shown in great detail, their extent impressive by any measure.

The area reef system begins at some point south of the Sipalay area, breaks-off at Maricalum, then picks-up once more continuing extensively throughout the Nabulao Bay area. It completely encircles Starfish Island, and clusters in spots throughout Talacagay-Totong area.  It densely and quite majestically spreads all around the Punta Ubong area (the Salvacion Sea Cave’s bottom is [at least back in the 70’s] coral encrusted) as well as Catmon Bay. Then south of Hinobaan, at the southernmost point of  ‘Happy Valley’ beach, ‘our’ reef begins and continues unbroken for about 8 kilometers into the Asia area, encircling Bolila Island and ending there. In total (as listed) a coral reef system of no less than 25 kilometers (closer to 28 ki) in lenght !

Here’s another interesting physical map – one showing the underwater topography of the Sulu Sea. Ever wondered why ‘our’ sea’s color seemed the deepest blue of any sea you’ve seen? This is due to the fact that is the deepest – the Sulu Basin’s (dark area) depth and size is unmatched by any other sea within the Archipelago with the exception of the Philippine Trench (which is out in the Pacific Ocean due east of Samar, Leyte and parts of Mindanao and happens to be the 2nd deepest point in the world!).

Sulu Sea Depth

Standing on the beach at Happy Valley, facing straight-out to sea, one’s direction would be southwest to the degree that a straight line would proceed directly along parts of the basin (deepest part – dark area), uninterupted all the way to Borneo!



2 Responses to “Maps – Physical & Topographic”

  1. Check out that group of small islands approximately 50 miles due west of Hinobaan on Google Earth. I will, sometime in the near future.

  2. gud creation

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