Photos – April 08 – by Luis Beltran

Photos are compliments of Luis Bilbao Beltran:


Small cock fighting farm

The quintessential Philippine fighting cock, in all its feathery resplendence. This picture was taken by Mr. Sidney Snoeck and is posted here without his express consent. Mr. Snoeck’s perfect shot of the subject compels us to post it for its sheer beauty and the appreciation of many.  We do so cognizant of copyright indiscretion and with the stipulation that it will be remove should Mr. Snoeck express any reservation.


Lone carabao under a shady tree


Country scene, inland aways from the beach at Po-ok.

Happy trails…

Lonely dirt road.


9 Responses to “Photos – April 08 – by Luis Beltran”

  1. the country scene away from the beach is a nice place to put up a house since you still have a view of the beach at the same time the view of the mountains behide

  2. think about it you get to see the sunrise in the morning and the sunset in the afternoon that to me is so amazing

  3. It is a gorgeous spot. Your photo captures well the beauty of the inland Po-ok countryside. In whose hacienda does that spot sit? I’d be nice if we could secure a good-sized lot and put up a vacation home as you suggest.

  4. tito paking its near hill top

  5. That’s our cock farm near the ruins of the old hilltop house. My dad liked the beauty of the mountainside area of Hinobaan and decided to build a house there (some say it was haunted). It was also the landmark were my dad’s part of the Hacienda starts. This was were Marty and Bulilit got caught smoking by my dad. I was lucky I was with boss Cheton hiking up the mountains. Sorry guys but you were asking for it. Sitting on the Veranda with their feet on the rails puffing that cigarette like there was no tomorrow.

  6. The old hilltop place was a winner—it was such a nice house set againts such sceanic countryside. I did hear, decades later, from cousin Jimbo that it was haunted! I’m curious if you knew what went on?

    My memories of the house include a lunch party or two where the men’s interest was focused on a bunch of magnificent fighting cocks arrayed on the front lawn; your dad’s large caliber ‘long-arm’ he kept in his room that looked like it could drop an elephant (what gauge was that?); the exceedingly steep grade (at least 50 degrees) of road to the top of the hill leading to the property; a sari-sari store inauspiciously situated at the bottom of the grade where, if memory serves, a Bilbao youth speeding downhill on his bicycle lost control and barreled thru a group of patrons leisurely enjoying their afternoon ‘tuba’; the crash obliterating a rickety table with its pitcher of the sweet brew ending-up on (instead of in) everyone.

    Fine recollections all and still vivid despite my advancing age.

  7. There were a lot of stories about people seeing things in that house. My dad said he woke up startled one night because the bed was shaking (Maybe too much Johnny Black). I also had an experience that a snake crossed my body while laying down to sleep. (Maybe a hallucination). There were maids who wont work there anymore because they said they saw something that scared them. We will never know because the house is now in ruins and we moved to the beach house. The cockfarm is still there handled by Toy and the scenery is still very beautiful. That gun is a Browning 12 gauge shotgun semi-auto. I still have it and don’t you worry my goat hunting days are over.That young Bilbao that crashed into the store was none other than your hermano Chuck. He went down that hill like a madman, putting his legs on the handle bar and shouted yeepeee. Luckily nobody got hurt except for some scratches, bent handlebar and a lot of spilled tuba.

  8. Wow! I’m not an authority on the subject but your experience and that of your Dads smacks of poltergeist activity; can’t blame you guys for opting-out and relocating to a quiet beach house in Happy Valley instead.

    The maids seeing “something that scared them,” leaves room for speculation though as it could have been anything. Heck, some of our adolescent stunts were pretty scary! 🙂

  9. Geb said: All I heard was a YAHOO, I didn’t even see you past me.
    Well those guys sitting on that tuba-an saw me for sure, because they somehow all scampered and got out of the way… just enough for me to clear my way thru the back door. Finding myself undamaged I picked myself up and finding that the bike had not weathered the incident like I did. I broke the fork on that bike and had to lug that heavy sucker home, while listening to Geb snickering to himself. Well, at least we had good laugh about that, I’m still laughing about it up to now … felt sorry for the fellow who owned that bike… well not really, ha, ha, ha

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