Beachfront Vacation Rentals – Estrella del Sur

Happy Valley Beach in Hinoba-an has several splendid, nominally priced beachfront vacation rentals to choose from, offering daily, weekly, or monthly hiatuses in paradise.

Prime among contenders is Estrella del Sur—a 3 bedroom with individual baths, newly renovated beachside bungalow yards from the majestic Sulu Sea.  This beauty certainly lives up to its namesake, outshining others as it boasts the best amenities of location, comfort, service, and value.  Positively a best-in-breed.

For information on rates and availability, please e-mail:



10 Responses to “Beachfront Vacation Rentals – Estrella del Sur”

  1. In a word, outstanding! I had the pleasure of renting (the rate was a bargain!) this place for a week last June and was very pleased. The rooms were all spacious, well-appointed, and comfortable; the interior living space light and airy, and the patio offered a near-180 degree view of the what is perhaps one of the most breathtakingly beautiful seas in the Philippines. I’m definitely renting this house again next summer, and for many summers to come.

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  3. how much is the rate and how many people can the house acomodate?

  4. For information on rates and availability, please e-mail:

  5. This place was awesome. We’ve stayed there for 2 days 😀

  6. Your contact number 09339707191 is out of reach.Pls give us a new number.

  7. 09566111121 You may contact Joy in this cell phone no. Thank you.

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